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  • Dark Mode

  • Native tabbed windows

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a color scheme that darkens background windows and controls, so it directs your focus to what you are working on.

Here's an example of Dark Mode:

Native tabbed windows

Stata has lots of windows, including the following:

  • Results where Stata output appears

  • Do-file Editor where you edit text files

  • Data Editor where you browse or edit the data

  • Graph where graphs appear and you edit them

  • Viewer where help files and files you list appear

  • SEM Builder where you build SEM diagrams

Usually, the Results window shows and the others come and go. When lots of windows are up, you can push them out of the way.

Alternatively, you can tab these windows together. Tab them and only one shows at a time. Click the tab, change the window. Tab them all together or just some of them. You can see an overview of all your tabs in one window.

Tabbed windows are a great alternative when screen real estate is limited, such as on laptops.

Here's an example of a tabbed window:

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