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Stata’s Data Editor makes viewing and manipulating your data easier than ever. Features and benefits include

  • Pinnable rows and columns. Pinned rows or columns do not scroll with the rest of the data. This is useful for doing visual comparisons with some other data that might only be visible as you scroll. An ID variable would be a natural thing to pin. New

  • Resizable cell editor for string data. You can resize the cell editor to edit long strings. New

  • Tool tips for truncated text. Text that are too wide to fit within their cells are truncated. You can now hover over a cell with truncated text to display the full text in a tool tip. New

  • Proportional width font support. Text is now displayed using a proportional width font making the data easier to read. New

  • Show variable labels in column header. Show variable labels in the column headers to help identify variables that don't have very descriptive names. New

  • Columns can be resized. Columns can be resized and the column widths are preserved when saving the dataset.

  • A complete audit trail. Every action you perform in the Data Editor that affects the data generates a corresponding Stata command that could be run from the Command window or a do-file to replicate your work, promoting reproducible work.

  • A live view onto the data. You can have the Data Editor open while you enter commands in the Command window, run do-files (scripts), use dialog boxes, edit graphs, etc. Changes to the data are reflected in the Data Editor as soon as Stata is done executing your command.

  • Read-only (browse) mode for safety. You can lock the Data Editor into a browse-only mode so that you can leave it open for a live view of your data while you work without fear that an inadvertent key press is going to change important data.

  • Save snapshots as you work. At any point while working in the Data Editor, you can take a “snapshot” of the data. Continue working. If you make a mistake or do not like your changes, revert to a previous snapshot.

  • Observation filtering. View only the observations you want by filtering based on if or in conditions. If you filter observations and change one or more of the variables in the expression, the view updates immediately. You can also view only the variables you want by hiding columns.

  • Tool for managing variables. Hide/show variables, filter variables, sort variables, and reorder variables via drag and drop. This also includes a Properties tool, so variable properties such as name, notes, labels, and format are at your fingertips.

  • Clipboard Preview Tool. You can see data before you paste it into Stata and control how the data will be pasted.

Data Editor

Data Editor

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