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Evaluate Stata

An evaluation license gives professional researchers the opportunity to explore all the features of Stata while making purchasing decisions.

Evaluation licenses are available only for professional researchers and are sent pending approval of your request.

You may also view pricing.

Please provide your contact information below and a sales representative will be in touch regarding your request. If you are a student, view our student pricing.
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Considering upgrading to the newest version of Stata
Considering Stata over another statistical software package

Exploring the following Stata features:
Bayesian analysis
Data management
Endogenous covariates, selection, and treatment
Epidemiological tables
Finite mixture models
Item response theory
Linearized DSGEs
Longitudinal/Panel data
Multilevel mixed-effects
Multiple imputation
Multivariate statistics
Nonparametric regression and statistics
Power and sample size
Structural equation modeling (SEM)
Survey data
Survival analysis
Time series
Treatment effects
Other (please specify)
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