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Webinar: Reproducible reporting—Creating HTML and Word documents from Markdown


Duration: 1 hour
Where: Join us from anywhere!
Cost: Free—but registrations are limited

Part of reproducible research is eliminating manual steps such as having to edit documents. With Stata's commands for report generation, you can create complete documents that include formatted text, as well as summary statistics, regression results, and graphs produced by Stata. When you want to create those reports in HTML or Word, you can use Stata's dyndoc command.

Join Hua Peng, Director of Software Engineering, as he introduces Stata's features for generating reproducible reports using Markdown. He will demonstrate how to use dyndoc to create nicely formatted reports in HTML from a combination of Markdown-formatted text and dynamic tags that process Stata code and embed Stata output. Find out about Stata 16's new features for creating Word documents in the same way.

How to join

The webinar is free, but you must register to attend. Registrations are limited, so register soon. Register by clicking the desired date of your course above.

We will send you an email prior to the start of the course with instructions on how to access the webinar. You will need access to Adobe Connect to attend.

Don't miss this opportunity to see Stata's new dyndoc features from the experts.

Presenter: Hua Peng

Hua Peng portrait

Dr. Hua Peng has a PhD in mathematics from Brandeis University. He joined StataCorp LLC in 2004 and is now the Director of Software Engineering. Hua is the primary developer of the dyndoc command and also contributed to the development of putdocx and putpdf.


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