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On-site training

Data Visualization in Stata


This one-day course provides an in-depth analysis of Stata's graphing capabilities. Data visualization examples will be demonstrated for a variety of data structures. By the end of this course, you will be able to produce informative, robust, and complex graphs using reproducible routines.

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Course topics

  • Introduction and Stata Graph Text
    • Introduction to Stata graphs
    • Tractable graphs
    • Graph text
    • Colors
    • Graph fonts and SMCL
    • The interactive Graph Editor
    • Graph formats
    • Saving, exporting, and modifying graphs
  • Overlays, Subgroups, and Graph elements
    • Overlays
    • by options
    • Markers and symbols
    • Text boxes
    • Labels
    • Legends
    • Titles
    • Superimposed lines
  • Advanced Graphics
    • Building custom graphs
    • Graphs following reshaping
    • Graphs of datasets of statistics
    • Overlays and multiple axes
    • Multiple graphs using loops
  • Graph Schemes and Other Special Topics
    • Existing graph schemes
    • Creating your own graph scheme
    • Using the Graph Editor as scheme maker
    • Recasting two-way plots


  • A working knowledge of Stata


This is a one-day course. All training courses generally run for eight hours per day and include morning and afternoon breaks and a lunch break. You can arrange a convenient schedule with your instructor and training coordinator.

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