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On-site training

Advanced Stata Programming


This one-day course will demonstrate ways to program new commands in Stata, from simple procedural commands to more complex estimation commands.

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Course topics

  • Extending Stata
    • From do-files to ado-files
    • Background for ado-files
    • Writing an ado-file
    • Working with the syntax command
    • Documenting a new command
    • Writing your own help file
    • Sharing programs and data
  • Subroutines
    • Programs in Stata
    • Creating new commands
    • Returning values from programs
    • Adding features
    • Cleaning up
    • Testing
    • Debugging
    • Learning from Stata
  • Programming estimation commands
    • Programming your own estimation command
    • Basic linear regression
    • Standardizing and returning results
    • Certification
    • Postestimation commands
  • Using Mata in programs
    • What is Mata?
    • Examples of using Mata with maximum likelihood
    • Linear regression using Mata
    • Programming a generalized linear model
    • Additional features


  • A working knowledge of Stata and basic programming skills


This is a one-day course. All training courses generally run for eight hours per day and include morning and afternoon breaks and a lunch break. You can arrange a convenient schedule with your instructor and training coordinator.

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