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Stata 9 for Windows (64-bit Itanium) — 20 Jul 2007 update

This page contains executable updates for the 64-bit Itanium version of Stata 9 for Windows. If you are running a 32-bit version of Stata 9 for Windows or the 64-bit x86-64 version of Stata for Windows, please go to the appropriate page:

Select a Windows (64-bit Itanium) flavor to update:

Flavor Filename
Intercooled Stata WSTATA.BIN for WSTATA.EXE

Which update do I have installed?


  1. You must already have Stata 9 for Windows (64-bit Itanium) installed on your computer. Be sure that you are not currently running Stata.
  2. Click to copy one or more of the files above. Save the file in C:\Program Files\Stata9 (i.e., wherever you installed Stata). Do not change the filename.
  3. Exit your browser (if you wish).
  4. Go to your Stata directory C:\Program Files\Stata9 or wherever you previously installed Stata. Assume you downloaded WSTATA.BIN. Then,

    • Rename the old WSTATA.EXE to WSTATA.OLD.
    • Rename the new WSTATA.BIN to WSTATA.EXE.
  5. Try Stata. (You do not have to reinitialize your license or reinstall Stata.)
  6. If there are no transmission errors, it will work. You can erase the old executable when you wish.