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Stata 9 for Macintosh — 20 Jul 2007 update

Stata for OS X
Flavor Filename
Stata/MP (Intel Macs only) StataMP.dmg
Stata/SE StataSE.dmg
Intercooled Stata Stata.dmg
Small Stata smStata.dmg
Stata/SE (console) stata-se.bin.Z

Which update do I have installed?


  1. You must already have Stata 9 for Macintosh installed on your computer. Be sure that you are not currently running Stata.
  2. Click to download one of the disk images above.
  3. Once the download is complete, double-click the downloaded disk image. A new disk volume containing the Stata application will appear on the Desktop.
  4. Open the volume and move the new Stata application into your Stata folder.
  5. Launch Stata. (You do not have to reinitialize your license or reinstall Stata.)
  6. If there are no transmission errors, it will work and you may eject the new volume and trash the downloaded disk image.