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Stata Installation Qualification Tool

The Stata Installation Qualification Tool (IQT) verifies that Stata has been installed properly and that any subsequent software updates are also installed properly. The Stata IQT currently exists for Windows and Mac operating systems.

This version of the Stata IQT is designed for use with Stata 14 and will not work with other versions of Stata. If you have a different version of Stata, please visit the main Stata IQT page to download the appropriate tool for your version of Stata.


  1. Obtain the Stata IQT installer:
    Stata IQT for Windows
    Stata IQT for Mac OS X
  2. Run the installer.
  3. On Windows, the Stata IQT will be installed in the Start Menu folder Stata 14 IQT.


Start the Stata IQT. (On Windows, navigate to Start Menu > Stata 14 IQT > Stata Installation Qualification Tool.)

  1. Browse to and select the Stata installation directory. If Stata is installed in a standard location, this directory is selected automatically.
  2. Obtain the current qualification source file by using one of these methods:
    1. Click on the link labeled download qualification source... from within the Stata IQT.
    2. Download the qualification source file for your operating system:

      Windows Stata14-win.siqa
      Mac Stata14-mac.siqa

  3. Browse to the previously downloaded qualification source file and select it as the qualification source.
  4. Select the revision date that matches your Stata installation. If you do not know the revision date of your Stata installation, type update in Stata and note the date of the current update level.
  5. Click on Run Test.
  6. Review the summary information.
  7. Print the results or export a PDF report, if desired.
    Note: The buttons for Print and Export will generate a full report. Additional options for generating summary or failure reports can be found in the File menu.


The Stata IQT produces a report that fully documents the installation status of Stata.

The report contains summary information that includes the date the report was created; the user who created the report; the name and operating system of the computer on which the report was created; information about the Stata installation being checked; and counts of files checked, passed, failed, and missing.

The report also includes a detailed listing of every file checked by the Stata IQT. For each file, 128-bit MD5 checksums are calculated and compared against the official checksum for that file. Files are marked as “Passed”, “Failed”, “Missing”, or “N/A” (not applicable). A file is marked as not applicable if it is an official Stata file but is not required for this installation of Stata and is not found.

Technical notes

  1. The Stata IQT checks thousands of files in the Stata installation directory; therefore, it can take a few minutes to run.
  2. The detailed report produced by the Stata IQT contains one line for each of the thousands of checked files. If you print the full report, be aware that it may be hundreds of pages long. Options under the File menu allow you to print or export a short summary, instead.

Example reports

Here are two sample reports produced by the Stata IQT: