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How do I run xstata while connected to a Linux machine from my Windows or Mac computer?

Title   Running xstata while connected to a Linux machine from a Windows or Mac computer
Author David M. Cowart, StataCorp

To run xstata on a Windows or Mac computer while connected to a Linux machine running Stata, you will need X-Windows server software for the Windows or Mac computer.


There are several software vendors who sell X-Windows server software for Windows. Below is a list of some of these vendors. If there is a particular X-Windows server software you use that is not listed below, email webmaster@stata.com, and we will add it to the list.


OpenText Exceed
Xming (free)
Cygwin/XFree86 (free, but not as easy to install and use as the above applications)

The DISPLAY environmental variable will also have to be set on the Linux machine. Setting environmental variables depends on the particular shell being used. See your system administrator for help on setting the DISPLAY environmental variable.

Note: If Stata is running slowly on your X server, read the following FAQ:


Also Stata needs the X server to have a color depth of 16 bits to work. You should be able to change your color depth in your X server settings.


To run xstata on your Mac, you need to start the X11 application in Utilities. Next ssh -Y into your remote machine and start xstata. For example, in your X11 session type

	ssh -Y remote_machine





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