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The Stata 8 installation requires uncompress, but on Mandrake 8, uncompress is not installed. How do I install it?

Title   Stata 8 installation problems with Mandrake 8
Author Kevin S. Turner, StataCorp

Linux Mandrake 8, by default, does not install the compress or uncompress utilities. These are required for the Stata 8 installation to run properly, and thankfully, are easily added to Mandrake.

To install compress and uncompress, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Software Manager program. If you did a typical install, you should find an icon on the desktop for "Software Manager". If you see the icon, clicking it will launch the application. Note: You will have to be root to use the Software Manager.
  2. After the Software Manager has loaded, a window with many panes should appear. (If a smaller dialog appears first, called "Configure a Source?", just click No.) In the upper-left of the Software Manager window you should see a text field for Find. Make sure the Installable Tab (directly above Find text field) is selected and not the Installed tab. Type compress into the text field and click Search.
  3. If all goes well, you should see an entry for
        ncompress 4.2.4-21mdk
in the results window, under the package column.
  1. Click the square check-box located to the left of
        ncompress 4.2.4-21mdk
It should visibly change to a yellow checkmark if you click it.
  1. Once the ncompress package is checked, click Install/Remove in the extreme upper-left corner of the Software Manager window.
  2. The Software Manager will display a dialog asking you to insert the Mandrake CD1 Core System CD into the CD drive. Do so, and then click OK.
  3. Follow the installation wizard until it completes. When it is done, click Quit to clear the wizard, and then close the Software Manager window.
  4. From this point, you can rerun the installation from the Stata 8 CD.