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How do I install Stata 16 on a Unix/Linux machine using the download tar file?

Title   Unix/Linux installation
Author Kevin Crow, StataCorp

To install Stata 16 for Unix/Linux from the Stata16Linux64.tar.gz or the Stata16Linux64-Legacy.tar.gz tar file:

  1. Download the tar file from


    There are two options for installing Stata for Unix. Most users will need the first linked option, but some users on systems with older libraries such as CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 will need the Legacy libraries option. If you are unsure, we recommend you choose the first one. If Stata does not start or has an issue such as the icons not displaying properly, you may be running on a Linux system with older libraries. In this case, erase your installation and reinstall choosing the Legacy libraries version.

  2. Become a superuser and extract the gzipped tar file into an empty directory.
  3. Create the installation directory (we recommend /usr/local/stata##, where ## is your Stata version) with 755 permissions, and cd into it.
  4. Type /wherever/extracted/files/are/install and follow the instructions.
  5. Once the installer has completed, you must initialize the license by typing ./stinit in the Stata install directory and following the instruction from the script.

Below is a sample session for the Stata 16 install we assume you saved the archive in /home/you/Downloads.

    # sudo -s
    # cd /tmp/
    # mkdir statafiles
    # cd statafiles
    # tar -zxf /home/you/Downloads/Stata16Linux64.tar.gz
    # tar -zxf /home/you/Downloads/Stata16Linux64-Legacy.tar.gz
    # cd /usr/local
    # mkdir stata16
    # cd stata16
    # /tmp/statafiles/install