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How do I install Stata 18 on a Unix/Linux machine using the downloaded installation file?

Title   Unix/Linux installation
Author Kevin Crow, StataCorp

To install Stata 18 for Unix/Linux from the Stata18Linux64.tar.gz tar file:

  1. Download the tar file from:
  2. https://download.stata.com/download/
  3. Become a superuser and extract the gzipped tar file into an empty directory.
  4. Create the installation directory (we recommend /usr/local/stata18) with 755 permissions and cd into it.
  5. Type /extracted/files/location/install and follow the instructions.
  6. Once the installer has completed, you must initialize the license by typing ./stinit in the Stata install directory and following the instruction prompts.

Below is a sample session for a Stata 18 installation. We assume you saved the archive in /home/you/Downloads:

    # sudo -s
    # umask 0002
    # mkdir /tmp/statafiles
    # cd /tmp/statafiles
    # tar -zxf /home/you/Downloads/Stata18Linux64.tar.gz
    # mkdir /usr/local/stata18 
    # cd /usr/local/stata18
    # /tmp/statafiles/install

See a list of compatible Linux OS for Stata 18.