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64-bit AIX installation notes

Title   64-bit AIX installation notes
Author Pete Huckelba, StataCorp

The minimum operating environment for Stata is AIX version 5.1L with the 64-bit kernel enabled. Also Stata for AIX is a dynamically linked executable that requires the 64-bit version of the GTK+-2 libraries. Although IBM includes a GTK+-2 build, they can only be linked against 32-bit dynamic binaries.

Stata for AIX includes a specially configured GTK+-2 stack to prevent conflict with other applications that may require GTK+-2. Following the default installation method, these libraries are installed to /path/to/installation/directory; typically /usr/local/stata12. The Stata installation script also creates a symbolic link from /path/to/installation/directory/statalib to /opt/statalib, ensuring that the Stata binary will find the latest GTK+-2 libraries distributed by StataCorp.