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How do I send program output to Technical Support?

Title   Sending program output to Technical Support
Author Stata Technical Support

We cannot, in general, debug programs for you, but there are exceptions. Perhaps there is evidence that the problem lies with a Stata-written program.

In any case, Stata can trace the execution of programs, and, in some cases, it is a trace of the execution that we need. These traces, however, can be long. If, after initially emailing us, we request a trace, use the following procedure:

. log using junk, replace . about . update . sysdir . adopath . pwd . describe . summarize . * . * so far, this is the same procedure you would use to send us any type . * of output . * . discard . set more off . set trace on . command causing problem . log close . * now we tell Stata to stop tracing programs: . set trace off . set more on

These commands will create the file junk.smcl, which you can then email to us.