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How do I contact Technical Support?

Title   Contacting Stata Technical Support
Author Stata Technical Support

Step 1: Register your software

Step 2: Contact Stata Technical Support

The preferred method of contacting Stata Technical Support is via email.

Questions regarding installation may be addressed by telephone. The number to call with such questions is 1-979-696-4600.

Step 3: Tell us your serial number

In Stata, type about and Stata will tell you its serial number.

  • Put the serial number on the Subject: line of your email.
  • Have your serial number ready if you call.

Step 4: Tell us about your copy of Stata

When you typed about in Stata, it returned other information that we will need to know. Most important are the first two lines:

 . about

 Stata/MP 18.0 for Windows (64-bit x86-64)
 Revision 18 Apr 2023

We need to know that you are running “Stata/MP 18.0 for Windows (64-bit x86-64)”, revision “18 Apr 2023”. In Stata, also type update and send us the output from it.

The important thing we need from here is the current update level.

To summarize, we need to know that you are running “Stata/MP 18.0 for Windows (64-bit x86-64)”, revision “18 Apr 2023”.

Step 5: Tell us about your problem

The more you can tell us, the better. The more you can isolate the problem, the better. Say that you are having difficulty with a statistical command using a large dataset. Spend some time with the problem. Can you recreate it with a smaller dataset? We can help you isolate the problem, but the extent to which you do that at the outset will save you time.

Show us the full command you typed and the output it produced, including error messages if any.

If you are having a problem with installation, we can help you over the phone or via email.

For all other questions, the preferred method of support is via email. In this regard, also see the FAQ Sending Stata output to Technical Support.

Understand that we cannot provide statistical consulting. If your question goes beyond needing technical support, we suggest that you consider posting your question to Statalist (see the Statalist FAQ) or the other statistical listservers.