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Note: This FAQ is for users of Stata 6, an older version of Stata. It is not relevant for more recent versions.

Stata 6: How do I install the software from the STB diskettes?

Title   Stata 6: Install the software from STB diskettes
Author Stata Technical Support

The diskettes to which we refer is the diskettes that came with your printed copy of the STB. You have the diskettes because you subscribe to the STB with diskettes. You are advised to see the instructions in the Getting Started manual:

[GSW] 20 Updating Stata (Windows)
[GSM] 20 Updating Stata (Macintosh)
[GSU] 17 Updating Stata (Unix)

The instructions below are a summary of what is said more fully in the references above.

  • Windows and Macintosh:
    1. Insert the diskette into the drive.
    2. Pull down Help and select STB and User-written Programs.
    3. Select diskette.
    4. You will then be looking at the contents of that particular STB and it will be clear what to do. Click on any insert that interests you. You can then click to install that insert if you wish.

  • Unix:
    1. In Unix, create a temporary directory.
    2. Change to the temporary directory.
    3. Copy the diskette to the temporary directory:
      • IBM RS/6000, and IBM PowerPc:
        % umask 000
        % cpio -idvmc < /dev/rfd0.18
      • Linux:
        % cpio -idvmBc < /dev/fd0
      • Sun SPARCstation:
        % cpio -idvmBc < /dev/rfd0
      • All other:
        % cpio -idvmBc < your-floppy-device
    4. Enter Stata.
    5. Type net from followed by the name of the temporary directory.
    6. Type net describe followed by the insert number of interest.
    7. Type net install followed by the insert number of the insert you wish to install.