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Note: This FAQ is primarily intended for users of versions of Stata before Stata 15. All users of Stata 15 or later should read the PDF documentation tips for Stata.

How do I obtain Adobe Reader for viewing Stata’s PDF documentation?

Title   Adobe Reader installation tips
Author Stata Press

If you are using Stata 15 or later, please read our tips for viewing Stata's PDF documentation. There we discuss the PDF viewers we recommend along with configuration tips. The page below exists only for earlier versions of Stata.

We recommend Adobe Reader to view Stata's PDF documentation. (Mac users please read the FAQ about why you shouldn't try to use Preview.)

Visit http://get.adobe.com/reader/ to download and install Adobe Reader.

After following Adobe's instructions to install Reader, you should start it once to complete any final setup which Reader may require.

Mac and Windows users: Reader may ask you to authenticate as administrator the first time you start it; you should do this to complete the setup.

After installing Adobe Reader, please read the recommended Adobe Reader settings for Stata's PDF documentation.