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What can you tell me about using the .idlg files that are written by StataCorp and used in their graphics dialogs?

Title   Using StataCorp-written graphics .idlg files
Authors Jean Marie Linhart, StataCorp
Alan Riley, StataCorp


I am writing a dialog for a graphics command. There sure are a lot of graphics options. Can I just use some Stata .idlg files for these graphics options?


Yes, you can.

For graphics options, you must include graph_header.idlg *.

Suggested .idlg files for user programmers to include for graphics commands:

Warning:  Read the Windows 98 dialogs FAQ before using these files.
        gregion.idlg (which requires:

These files define entire tabs for many of the graphics options. Using gxaxis.idlg, the .idlg file for the x-axis tab as an example, you simply insert the line

        INCLUDE gxaxis

where you wish the x-axis tab to appear in your dialog box. In the PROGRAM command block, you insert the code

        put " " /program gxaxis_output

where you want the output from the x-axis tab to appear. You can see an example of how to use these tabs in graphfaq.dlg.

Warning:  Many times when we were programming the graph commands, we discovered that a given command took most of the graph options on a given tab but not quite all of them. So, when using these .idlg files, please test carefully. Do not just assume everything will work. If not quite everything works, make your own copy and remove what you do not need.

* For Stata 8, use graph_header.idlg, _glist_def.idlg, and _glist_sc.idlg.