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Why are we unable to launch dialog boxes for power commands from the power and sample-size (PSS) Control Panel on macOS?

Title   Why is the method title in the right pane of the PSS Control Panel not responding on my Mac?
Authors Pei-Chun Lai, StataCorp
Mia Lv, StataCorp

Some Mac users have reported an issue with launching the power command dialog in the PSS Control Panel. When they click on a specific power method in the right pane, the corresponding dialog box fails to launch.

This issue is usually caused by interference from other applications, such as a window manager or a virus scanner. The PSS Control Panel, written in Java, requires the Java run time library located in the Stata folder to run. Some third-party applications may prevent the Java dialog or Java run time library from running correctly in Stata, resulting in the power command dialog box failing to open.

To solve this issue, we recommend the following procedures:

  1. Reboot your Mac in safe mode by following the instructions provided in the link:


    If you can successfully launch the power command dialog box in Stata while in safe mode, it indicates that the issue is not a Stata installation problem but rather that a third-party application prevents the dialog from opening.

  2. The next step is to determine which application may be causing the interference. You can do this by removing login items according to the instructions on this page:


    You may delete all the login apps first and then slowly add them back one by one if Stata works fine (you would need to restart the Mac after each change). Please make sure all the background items are also turned off.

    If you find that your virus scanner is interfering with the operation of the Stata power dialog, you should whitelist the Stata directory in your virus scanner. This will enable you to run both the virus scanner and the Stata power dialog simultaneously.

    The suggested procedure will usually solve the problem. If it does not resolve the issue, please contact our technical support group at [email protected] for further assistance.

Additional resources:

To learn more about the PSS Control Panel, see [PSS-2] GUI (power).