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Why am I unable to copy graphs and tables from Stata into other applications?

Title Copying graphs and tables on Mac  
Author Chinh Nguyen, StataCorp

Some users may experience problems with pasting graphs and tables from Stata to other applications.

Beginning with Stata 11 for Mac, Stata copies images to the Clipboard in PDF for the best possible output. However, some legacy applications, such as Microsoft Office 2004, only support pasting of images from the Clipboard as PICT or TIFF. This can cause problems for users who attempt to copy an image from within Stata and paste the image into another application.

The PICT format has been deprecated by Apple in favor of PDF since Mac OS X was first released. Apple has now completely dropped support for PICT in 64-bit applications, which means that the format is unavailable to Stata. For this reason, Stata also includes a TIFF image in the Clipboard along with the PDF image, but some older applications may not support multiple image formats in the Clipboard. The only solution is to upgrade your application to one that supports PDF in the Clipboard. Microsoft Office 2008 does support PDF in the Clipboard.