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Accessing personal ado-files

Title   How do I access Stata's personal ado directory in Stata 18?
Author Chinh Nguyen, StataCorp

Stata 18 stores its personal ado-files in ~/Documents/Stata/ado. Older versions of Stata stored its personal ado-files in ~/Library/Application Support/Stata/ado. If Stata cannot find the ~/Documents/Stata/ado directory, it will use the ~/Library/Application Support/Stata/ado directory if this directory exists. If you upgraded from an older version of Stata, we recommend that you move your personal ado directory to ~/Documents/Stata for easier access.

If you occasionally use an older version of Stata that requires the old location for your personal ado directory, you should still move the old directory to the new location but create a symbolic link to the new location so that the older version of Stata can still find it. From a terminal, enter

    mv "~/Library/Application Support/Stata/ado" "~/Documents/Stata/"

    ln -s "~/Documents/Stata/ado" "~/Library/Application Support/Stata/ado"