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Updates to Stata/MP were introduced in Stata 12.

See the latest version of Stata/MP. See Stata/MP's Performace Report.

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Stata/MP takes advantage of your computer’s multicore processors to perform its computations in parallel. Your commands run faster; much faster. You can analyze data in one-half to two-thirds the time on inexpensive dual-core desktops and laptops, in one-quarter to one-half the time on quad-core desktops, and in even less time on workstations and servers with up to 64 cores.

How much faster?
This much faster...

Cores All
2 1.6 1.8
4 2.1 2.8
8 2.7 4.1
Quoted above are median speed-up factors. Half the commands do better than the number reported, and half do worse.

New in Stata/MP 12:

  • New-to-Stata-12 estimation features are parallelized.
  • More panel-data estimators are parallelized, and others are more parallelized.
  • Improved parallelization of estimation commands with more than 300 covariates.
  • Improved performance. Performance has been enhanced on computers with 16 or more cores through optimized tuning.
  • Stata/MP now supports up to 64 cores.

To learn more about Stata/MP, visit Stata/MP and see the Stata/MP Performance Report (PDF). No other statistical software even comes close.

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