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This page announced updates in Stata 10. See a complete overview of all of Stata/MP's features.



Stata/MP is a version of Stata/SE that runs on multiprocessor computers. By utilizing all of your computer’s processors (or cores), Stata/MP is faster—much faster.

Stata/MP runs even faster in Stata 10. More commands now exploit the multiple processors, which means that they run faster, too. This includes both survey and nonsurvey mean, total, ratio, and proportion estimators and the survey linearized variance estimator, which is available with most Stata estimation commands.

Find out more about Stata/MP or read the 200-page white paper Stata/MP Performance Report, which includes multiprocessor timings for all Stata commands. (The white paper does not currently reflect the speedups new in Release 10; an updated white paper is forthcoming.)

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