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This page announced updates in Stata 10. See a complete overview of all of Stata's graphics features.


Stata graphics

  1. Stata 10 has an interactive point-and-click editor for your graphs. You do not need to type anything; you just right-click on the Graph window and selct Start Graph Editor. You can do that any time, either when the graph is drawn or when you have graph used it from disk. You can add text, lines, markers, titles, and annotations, outside the plot region or inside; you can move axes, titles, legends, etc.; you can change colors and sizes, number of tick marks, etc.; and you can even change scatters to lines or bars, or vice versa. See [G] graph editor.
  2. New command graph twoway lpoly plots a local polynomial smooth; see [G] graph twoway lpoly. New command graph twoway lpolyci plots a local polynomial smooth along with a confidence interval; see [G] graph twoway lpolyci.
  3. Concerning command graph twoway,
    1. graph twoway now allows more than 100 variables to be plotted.
    2. New suboption custom of axis_label_options allows you to create custom axis ticks and labels that have a different color, size, tick length, etc., from the standard ticks and labels on the axis. Such custom ticks can be used to emphasize points in the scale, such as important dates, physical constants, or other special values. See the custom suboption in [G] axis_label_options.
    3. New suboption norescale of axis_label_options specifies that the added ticks and labels be placed directly on the graph without rescaling the axis or associated plot region for the new values; see [G] axis_label_options.
    4. New advanced options yoverhangs and xoverhangs adjust the graph region margins to prevent long labels on the y or x axis from extending off the edges of the graphs; see [G] advanced_options.
  4. graph twoway pcarrow and graph twoway pcbarrow may now be drawn on plot regions with log scales or reversed scales; see [G] graph twoway pcarrow.
  5. graph bar and graph dot no longer require user-provided names when a variable is repeated with more than one statistic; see [G] graph bar and [G] graph dot.
  6. graph twoway lfit and graph twoway qfit now use value labels to annotate the x axis when using the existing suboption valuelabel of xmlabel(); see [G] axis_label_options.
  7. graph export has new options width(#) and height(#) that specify the width and height of the graph when exporting to PNG or TIFF, thus allowing the resolution to be greater than screen resolution; see [G] graph export.
  8. graph twoway area and graph twoway rarea now allow option cmissing() to control whether missing values produce breaks in the areas or are ignored; see [G] graph twoway area and [G] graph twoway rarea.
  9. Typing help graph option now displays the help file for the specified option of the graph command. See [R] help.

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