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You asked. We listened!

Since the release of Stata 17, we have listened to feedback from users and added many new features that are available through free updates.

Here we highlight a few:

  • In Stata 17, we introduced bookmarks and Navigation Control in the Do-file Editor, and now these features are even more convenient. You can specify the level of indentation for a bookmark's label via #. For instance, bookmarks beginning with comments **# and **## will be at two different levels. In addition, the Do-file Editor will now add Java and Python code blocks to the Navigation Control.
  • The new suite of commands for customizable tables has been further extended. The table command now allows string variables in the row, column, and table specifications. Exporting to Excel files is now easier; you can specify the new open option with collect export to modify an Excel file already in memory.
  • Many users who fit structural equation models have asked for the sem command to allow negative variance estimates. sem has a new option, heywood, that allows you to fit these models.
  • Publications often require headers and footers that alternate on odd and even pages. putdocx now makes it easy to create Word documents with content in the headers and footers that varies across pages.
  • Many speed improvements were made in Stata 17, and we continue to focus on speed. In recent updates, we made didregress and xtdidregress faster when performing the wild bootstrap, and we made stintcox faster in Stata/MP with datasets having more than 200 observations.

These are just a few of the features available in free updates. Check out other new features that we have added since the release of Stata 17!

Don't have Stata 17 yet? Upgrade today and start using all the new features.

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