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You asked. We listened!

We are excited to announce a new column titled "You asked. We listened!", where we will periodically highlight features, big or small, recently added to Stata based on requests from our users.

This time around, we would like to highlight some new additions to our survival analysis suite. Specifically,

  • you can now easily adjust for nonzero values of covariates with sts graph, sts list, and sts generate.
  • sts list now offers new option risktable() to report the numbers at risk for the specified time points.
  • stcurve and sts generate offer new options to plot and compute the failure function.

See the spotlight Enhancements to survival analysis suite for details.

In addition, we added new date functions for easily calculating ages, calculating differences between two dates or times, determining birthdays, and identifying leap years.

Simply type

. update all

in Stata 16 to get these features.

And check out all the other new features that we have added since the release of Stata 16!

Not using Stata 16? Upgrade today and start using all the features.

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