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Have you seen Stata Press lately?

For Stata users, by Stata users

Stata Press features high-quality books written by members of the Stata community. You can find texts that are written for both novice and more advanced Stata users from a variety of disciplines and that tie together Stata use, statistical theory, and real-world examples. Readers have described Stata Press books as

  • impressive
  • empowering
  • an excellent balance between theory and application
  • one of the best
  • concise

From data management and workflow to structural equation modeling and survival analysis, Stata Press books allow you to take your Stata skills to the next level.

On the go? Check out our eBooks

You asked for them. We listened. We now have 20 eBook titles and counting! You can read and refer to Stata Press books on your tablet, your computer, or even on your phone (in a pinch).

Our titles take full advantage of the electronic format. Matching the quality of our print editions, our Stata output is readable, our graphs are pretty, and our mathematical formulas behave as you would wish—they look as good as the text and scale with the text.

View our catalog.

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