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Public training schedule

Using Stata Effectively: Data Management, Analysis, and Graphics Fundamentals

September 22–23, 2015, Washington, DC
October 13–14, 2015, Washington, DC

Aimed at both new Stata users and those who wish to learn techniques for efficient day-to-day use of Stata, this course enables you to use Stata in a reproducible manner, making collaborative changes and follow-up analyses much simpler. Exercises and Stata examples supplement the lessons.

Survey Data Analysis Using Stata

October 15–16, 2015, Washington, DC

Set up and analyze data from complex survey designs. The course covers the sampling methods used to collect survey data and how they affect the estimation of totals, ratios, and regression coefficients. The course also covers Stata’s support for many survey variance estimators, including linearization, balanced and repeated replications (BRR), and jackknife.

Multilevel/Mixed Models Using Stata

October 19–20, 2015, Washington, DC

Measure and account for clustering and grouping at multiple levels. Whether linear or nonlinear, multilevel modeling allows for random intercepts and slopes at multiple levels, reducing the problems of too-much or too-little data aggregation. The course is interactive, uses real data, offers ample opportunity for specific research questions, and provides exercises to reinforce what you learn.

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