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Highlights of Stata 13

If you don't already have Stata 13, Stata 13 adds features and statistics for virtually every user in every field. Here are the highlights.

Treatment effects. You can now estimate the effect of treatments such as a new drug regimen, a surgical procedure, or a training program using inverse-probability weights (IPW), propensity-score matching, doubly robust methods, and more. Handle binary or multivalued treatments.

Multilevel models and panel data. Need to handle binary, ordered, count, and categorical outcomes in panel or repeated-measures data? Now estimate models with random effects or random coefficients, including mulitlevel and crossed models.

Generalized SEM. Tired of just linear SEMs? Stata 13 adds multilevel nested and crossed models. Analyze binary, count, categorical, and ordered outcomes. Estimate a dizzying array of new models that span every discipline.

Power and sample size. Get tables, graphs, or both at the click of a button. Enter lists of known or possible values, and solve for power, sample size, minimum detectable effect, or effect size. Do everything from an integrated Control Panel.

Forecasting. Estimate any number of models and produce time-series forecasts from all the models. Create dynamic or one-step-ahead forecasts. Compare alterative scenarios, and more.

Long strings. Maximum string length increases from 244 characters to 2 billion! Handle binary large objects (BLOBs) such as Word documents and JPEG images.

Project Manager. Keep your Stata projects organized. Filter on filename, and click to open or run do-files, ado-files, datasets, raw files, graphs, etc. And so much more.

And there are many more substantial additions, such as effect sizes, Poisson regression with endogenous regressors, probit with sample selection, more univariate time series, and import delimited with preview.

See all the details or upgrade now at stata.com/stata13.