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Table of contents:

an75: The Stata Journal begins publication fourth quarter 2001
Author: H. Joseph Newton, Stata Technical Bulletin
Pages: 2–4
an76: Stata Journal subscriptions for STB subscribers
Author: Patricia Branton, StataCorp
Page: 4
an77: Past issues of the Stata Technical Bulletin
Author: Patricia Branton, StataCorp
Pages: 4–5
dm73.3: Contrasts for categorical variables: update
Author: John Hendrickx, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands
Page: 5
dm91: Patterns of missing values
Author: Jeroen Weesie, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Pages: 5–7
dm92: Simulating disease status and censored age
Author: Jisheng Cui, University of Melbourne, Australia
Pages: 8–10
gr33.1: Violin plots for Stata 6 and 7
Author: Thomas J. Steichen, RJRT
Page: 10
gr42.1: Quantile plots, generalized: update to Stata 7.0
Author: Nicholas J. Cox, University of Durham, UK
Pages: 10–11
sbe19.4: Update to metabias to work under version 7
Author: Thomas J. Steichen, RJRT
Page: 11
sbe39.2: Update of metatrim to work under version 7
Author: Thomas J. Steichen, RJRT
Page: 11
sg158.1: Update to random-effects ordered probit
Author: Guillaume R. Frechette, Ohio State University
Page: 12
sg163: Stereotype ordinal regression
Author: Mark Lunt, ARC Epidemiology Unit, University of Manchester, UK
Pages: 12–18
sg164: Specification tests for linear panel data models
Authors: Walter Sosa-Escudero, National University of La Plata, Argentina
Anil K. Bera, Department of Economics, University of Illinois
Pages: 18–21
snp15.3: Update to somersd
Author: Roger Newson, Guy's, King's and St Thomas' School of Medicine, London, UK
Page: 22
zz11: Cumulative index for STB-55–STB-61
Pages: 23–25

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