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Table of contents:

dm63: Dialog box window for browsing, editing, and entering observations
Author: Tony Brady, Imperial College School of Medicine, UK
dm64: Quantiles of the studentized range distribution
Author: John R. Gleason, Syracuse University
gr29.1: Correction to labgraph
Author: Jon Faust, Federal Reserve Board
gr32: Confidence ellipses
Author: Anders Alexandersson, Mississippi State University
gr33: Violin plots
Author: Thomas J. Steichen, RJRT
sg89.2: Correction to the adjust command
Author: Kenneth Higbee, StataCorp
sg94: Right, left, and uncensored Poisson regression
Authors: Joseph Hilbe, Department of Sociology, Arizona State University
Dean H. Judson, University of Nevada
sg95: Geographically weighted regression: A method for exploring spatial nonstationarity
Author: Mark S. Pearce, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
sg96: Zero-inflated Poisson and negative binomial regression models
Author: Jesper B. Sorensen, University of Chicago
sg97: Formatting regression output for published tables
Author: John Luke Gallup, Harvard University
sg98: Poisson regression with a random effect
Author: David Clayton, MRC Biostatistical Unit, Cambridge, UK
sts13: Time series regression for counts allowing for autocorrelation
Authors: Aurelio Tobias, Institut Municipal d'Investigacio Medica (IMIM), Barcelona, Spain
Michael J. Campbell, University of Sheffield, UK

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