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Table of contents:

an1.1: STB categories and insert codes
an47: New associate editors
Author: Sean Becketti, STB Editor
an48: Updated CPS labor extracts available
Author: Daniel Feenberg, National Bureau of Economic Research
an49: Stata listserver available
Author: David W. Wormuth, Harvard Medical School
sbe11: Direct Standardization
Authors: Tim McGuire, StataCorp
Joel A. Harrison, Houston, TX
sed8: Finding significant gaps in univariate distributions
Author: Richard Goldstein, Qualitas, Inc.
sg26: Using fractional polynomials to model curved regression relationships
Authors: Patrick Royston, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London, UK
Douglas G. Altman, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, UK
ssi6.2: Faster and easier bootstrap estimation
Author: William Gould, StataCorp
sts9: Johansen's test for cointegration
Authors: Ken Heinecke, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Charles Morris, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
zz3.5: Computerized index for the STB (Update)
Author: William Gould, StataCorp

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