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Table of contents:

an1.1: STB Categories and Inset Codes (Reprint)
crc1: CRC-Provided Support Materials (Reprint)
crc7: Corrections and Changes in Ado-Files
crc8: Actuarial or Life-Table Analysis of Time-to-Event Data
crc9: Replacing Coded Missing Values
dm1: Data Calculator
Author: Manuelita Ureta, Texas A&M University
gr2: Importing Stata's Graphs Into MS-Word or Wordperfect
Authors: Richard E. Deleon, San Francisco State University
J. Theodore Anagnoson, California State University, Los Angeles, CA
gr3: Crude 3-Dimensional Graphics
Author: William Gould, StataCorp
gr4: 3-Dimensional Contour Plots using Stata & Stage
Author: Gerard van de Kuilen, Oasis Decision Support Systems, The Netherlands
gr5: Triangle Graphic for Soil Texture
Author: Francesco Danuso, Istituto di Produzione Vegetale, Udine, Italy
os2: Questions and Answers about Stat/Transfer
Author: Steven Dubnoff, Circle Systems
qs2: Why is the Cubic Spline So-Called?
Author: Ted Anagnoson, California State University, Los Angeles
qs3: Request for Confidence Intervals for Proportions
Author: Ivan Zavala, Ph.D., Mexico City, Mexico
sbe2: Bailey-Makeham Survival Model
Author: William Rogers, CRC
sed2: Ladder-of-Powers Variable Transformation
Authors: William Gould, StataCorp
Joseph Hilbe, STB Editor
sed3: Variable Transformation and Evaluation
Author: Thomas Findley, M.D., Ph.D., Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, West Orange, NJ
sg3.1: Tests for Departure from Normality
Author: Patrick Royston, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London, UK
snp1: Kolmogorov-Smirnov One and Two Variable Tests
Author: Lawrence L. Giventer, California State University, Stanislaus
sqv1.1: Correction to Logit Regression Extensions
Author: Joseph Hilbe, STB Editor
srd1: How Robust is Robust Regression?
Author: Lawrence C. Hamilton, Department of Sociology, University of New Hampshire
srd2: Test for Multivariate Normality
Author: Richard Goldstein, Qualitas, Brighton, MA
srd3: One Step Welsch Bounded-Influence Estimator
Author: Richard Goldstein, Qualitas, Brighton, MA
srd4: Test for General Specification Error in Linear Regression
Author: Richard Goldstein, Qualitas, Brighton, MA
srd5: Ramsey Test for Heteroscedasticity and Omitted Variables
Author: Richard Goldstein, Qualitas, Brighton, MA
srd6: A Randomization Test for the Equality of Two Groups
Author: Richard Goldstein, Qualitas, Brighton, MA
ssa1.1: Menu Interface to Life-Table Command
Author: William Gould, StataCorp

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