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Table of contents:

an1.1: STB categories and insert codes
an38: Stata distributor in France
an39: NSF funds workshops on exploratory data analysis for social scientists
an40: Italian translation of Principles of Biostatistics
cc2: Running the Stata tutorials on a network
crc34: Programming command: Marking observations for inclusion
crc35: Warning about parity checking on DOS computers
dm16: Compact listing of a single variable
Authors: Patrick Royston, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London, UK
Peter Sasieni, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, UK
ip5: A temporary solution to a problem with temporary variable names
Author: Craig S. Hakkio, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
os5.1: Running Intercooled Stata under OS/2 2.1
Author: William Gould, StataCorp
sg20: Point biserial correlation
Author: John A. Anderson, Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, The Pennsylvania State University
sg21: Equivalency testing
Author: Richard Goldstein, Qualitas Inc., Brighton, MA
sqc1: Estimating process capability indices with Stata
Authors: Sutaip L. C. Saw, National University of Singapore
ssi5.2: Equation solving by Ridders' method
Author: Tim McGuire, StataCorp
sts5: Detrending with the Hodrick-Prescott filter
Author: Timothy J. Schmidt, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
sts6: Approximate p-values for unit root and cointegration tests
Author: Craig S. Hakkio, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
sts7: A library of time series programs for Stata
Sean Becketti, STB Editor
zz3.1: Computerized index for the STB
Author: William Gould, StataCorp

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