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How to determine 64-bit operating system compliance


Click on Start -> Run, and type dxdiag. If a Windows dialog box is displayed asking if you want to verify your drivers, you can safely click no and continue. When the program has finished loading, you should see something similar to one of the following images:

or or

Note that the Operating System line, refers to Windows <some version> x64 or 64-bit edition. The last window specifies the processor Itanium, which is a 64-bit processor.


Select About this Mac from the Apple menu. The text below Mac OS X will give the operating system version, and the Processor line will give you the processor type.

about this mac

Mac OS X 10.5 (or greater) is a 64-bit operating system. Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Xeon, and PowerPC G5 are 64-bit processors. However, 64-bit Stata for Mac is available only for 64-bit Intel-based Macs.

All currently shipping Macs have a 64-bit processor and a 64-bit operating system.


Linux users should issue the uname command. Depending on the platform, you may see:

[cph@gaylord ~]$ uname -a
Linux gaylord.stata.com 2.6.11-1.27_FC3 #1 Tue May 17 20:24:57 EDT 2005 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[cph@caddo ~]$ uname -a
Linux caddo.stata.com 2.6.9-5.0.5.EL #1 SMP Fri Apr 8 14:20:58 EDT 2005 ia64 ia64 ia64 GNU/Linux
[cph@tango ~]$ uname -a
Linux tango.stata.com 2.6.10-1.771_FC2smp #1 SMP Mon Mar 28 01:10:51 EST 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

In the above listing, 'gaylord' (x86_64 GNU/Linux) and 'caddo' (ia64 GNU/Linux) are 64-bit compliant. 'tango' (i386 GNU/Linux) is only a 32-bit platform.

Unix (Sun Solaris, IBM-AIX)





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