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Stata maintenance

Stata maintenance allows users with a perpetual license to pay an annual or biennial amount and receive the next release of Stata without extra charge. Stata maintenance also includes access to StataNow™ for as long as maintenance is in effect.

When you purchase a perpetual license,* you receive one year of maintenance, renewable annually. When you keep your maintenance current, you will receive the next release of Stata automatically and without additional charge, giving you the benefit of access to the latest version with a license that will not expire.

Benefits of maintenance

  • Predictable. You can budget for your annual renewal—you will know when it is due—and you will not be met with unexpected upgrade costs.
  • Price. Stata maintenance is the least expensive way to keep your perpetual license on the current version. If you choose not to renew your maintenance, you will need to upgrade your license at the current upgrade rate.
  • Latest features. Current maintenance holders have access to the latest features made available through StataNow.
  • Updates and security. You are ensured continued access to updates, including software enhancements, bug fixes, and security patches.
  • Support. You will enjoy uninterrupted access to technical support from a dedicated staff of expert Stata programmers and statisticians. Technical support is available for the current version of Stata, and Stata maintenance ensures you always have the current version.
  • Access. You will be one of the first to be notified of new releases of Stata, and you will receive the new version of Stata for free—no additional paperwork or stress.
  • Priority. Upon major software releases, you will receive your license upgrades quickly.
  • Convenient. You will receive timely reminders that your maintenance period is about to expire.
  • Ownership. A Stata perpetual license still will not expire. The license will remain in your ownership with no interruptions in access, even if the maintenance term is not renewed. If you decide to not renew your maintenance, upgrades to new versions of Stata must be purchased separately.

*Student perpetual licenses do not include maintenance. If you own a student perpetual license and would like to upgrade to a new version of Stata, you may purchase an upgrade separately.

How it works

  • You purchase a perpetual Stata license. This license will never expire and will continue working for as long as you choose to use it.
  • Perpetual licenses include one year of maintenance to ensure you maintain access to updates and new features upon major software releases.
  • Current maintenance holders can request a StataNow license.
  • Upon a major software release, if your maintenance is current, you will receive an upgrade to the new version of Stata.

Read the Maintenance Agreement Terms and Conditions.