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Maintenance Agreement Terms and Conditions
StataCorp LLC

Stata maintenance allows you to pay an annual or biennial amount and receive the next release of Stata without extra charge. Stata maintenance includes a license for StataNow™ which provides access to StataNow for as long as maintenance is in effect.

By purchasing maintenance for the Stata software, purchaser (“Purchaser”) agrees that Purchaser is purchasing maintenance for the StataCorp (“StataCorp”) product Stata (“Stata”) indicated in the ordering processes of StataCorp LLC or its authorized distributors or resellers (“StataCorp Standard Ordering Processes”). The entire agreement between the Purchaser and StataCorp consists of the Stata License Agreement included with the Stata software and this document.


StataCorp agrees to provide Purchaser with upgrades to major releases, when and if made generally available, of the Stata software specified during the StataCorp Standard Ordering Processes. The Purchaser has the right to upgrade to additional users or different products (editions) at the same time at the standard price for the additional users and/or edition upgrade. To obtain maintenance at this new product configuration, the customer will pay the difference in maintenance price associated with the pre-upgrade product configuration and the post-upgrade product configuration. Aforementioned prices are the prices currently specified by the StataCorp Standard Ordering Processes at the time of upgrade or renewal.

Maintenance term

For the period from the date set forth on the StataCorp LLC invoice until the expiration date, StataCorp will provide the Purchaser with all the rights set forth above. Purchaser will be provided the option to repurchase maintenance on an annual or biennial basis if the product configuration specified in the StataCorp Standard Ordering Processes at the time of repurchase is still under maintenance by StataCorp. Maintenance is non-refundable. Purchaser must declare their intent to renew before the expiration date by submitting a renewal payment or PO prior to that date. Maintenance prices are subject to change.