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Alan Riley becomes President of StataCorp

StataCorp announced today that Alan Riley is the new President of the company. He was previously Vice President of Software Development. Meanwhile, William Gould, the previous President, was given the new job title of President Emeritus.

Alan Riley has worked for StataCorp since 1993 and has been Vice President of Software Development since 2001.

William Gould said, "It was my idea and Alan and I have been working for a while to make the change." Gould will not be retiring from StataCorp, but his new role at StataCorp will allow him to work on what he loves, which is development of and writing about Stata.

Alan Riley added, "It has been an honor to work for and with William for all these years. His vision has helped make Stata a leading statistical analysis package for professional researchers. I am pleased that he will continue to work with our development team, and I look forward to leading StataCorp into its next chapter."





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