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NetCourses: User comments

As NetCourse 631 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big 'Thank You' for such a great course. [...] I greatly appreciate all your help in answering my questions on the Discussion forum. It helps tremendously when there is the opportunity to clarify those knotty points that remained puzzling even after repeated reading of the lecture notes.

Junran Cao, Senior Economics Consultant, FTI Consulting

Stata has put together a great course, and I want to thank you for making it so accessible. It has been years since I dealt with statistics and programming language, but I have a project that seems to be just what Stata was developed to support. I have been taking this (NC151) and NC101 together and have immersed myself in Stata. It has been so helpful to me in trying to figure out how to deal with a huge ASCII file that has stymied me and some of my more advanced colleagues for months. I have really enjoyed going through the course material and then trying it out on my own project. I am no whiz yet, but I am functional, and that is such a giant step forward from where I was a month ago! I am thrilled with what I have learned (not always linearly), and can't wait to keep learning and experimenting with Stata, and applying it to my work. Thank you for the effort you put into this course.

Mary M. Roggee, Indiana University School of Nursing

I felt that the course was actually a good length. The lectures were of a good size, and having four of them offered enough material to keep me interested, but at the same time didn't overwhelm me.

Robin Proctor, California Emerging Infections Program

Many thanks for an informative and enjoyable course. I'm already putting my new-found skills into practice. I may come back for a shot at NC152 at a later date!

This is the first NetCourse I've taken. I think it's a very useful way of learning, as it allows you to choose your own time and pace.

David Robinson, King's College

This was the best course I have taken to learn a software package.

Corissa Thompson, Abt Associates Inc.

I enjoyed the content — it was quite clever. My early impression is that it helped me to think more like a programmer.

Lee Sieswerda, Thunder Bay District Health Unit

In general, it was excellent. I've just started using Stata to analyze my data for a project, and thanks to NC151, I feel very prepared. I've already written a few utility programs to help me. Thank you!

Stephen Soldz, Co-Investigator, Simmons Longitudinal Study, Simmons Graduate School of Social Work, and Associate Professor, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis

Stata is obviously a great package, one that you can learn to tailor for your individual needs. The course has been very valuable in showing me what can be done, and I look foward to trying out some of the new skills I have learnt.

Jason Poole, University of Southampton

The materials are more user friendly, and very clear, compared to others (e.g., SAS training).

Wang Lee, Abt Associates Inc

I am not very skilled regarding computers, but I really like your courses, and I use Stata every day in my work now.

Lone Stensballe, The Serum Institute, University of Copenhagen

Honestly, I am more than happy at everything. I had heard about the reputation you guys have, and, even with that information, I feel great that I took the course. Organization, content, presentation as well as your excellent responses to participants' queries have all been impressive.

To be honest again, I did not have a decent course on survival analysis before. NC631 is in a different (much better) league. Particularly since it addresses practical issues involving data management and estimation.

Getinet Haile, University of Nottingham

The 'web' course gives lots of flexibility to both students and professors. Also think that both groups were able, because it wasn't 'live', to put a lot more thought into questions and answers.

Elizabeth Allred, Harvard University

I'd just like to say I enjoyed your course. Had you offered this course as a summer seminar in College Station in person, I'd have traveled there.

Hiroshi Maeda, University of Illinois at Chicago