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NetCourseNow FAQ

  1. What is a NetCourseNow?
    Stata NetCourses are web-based courses that provide training on using Stata; they vary in length from six to seven weeks. A NetCourseNow offers the same material, but enables you to move at your own pace and to specify a starting date. With a NetCourseNow, you also have the added benefit of a personal NetCourse instructor who you can email directly with questions about lessons and exercises. You must have an email address and a web browser to participate.

  2. How does it work?
    All course lessons and exercises are posted at once, and you are free to study at your own pace. You will be provided with the email address of your personal NetCourse instructor to contact when you have questions.

    Show me a sample from a lesson.

  3. How much of my time does it take?
    A regular NetCourse is designed to take roughly 5 hours per week (varies by course), but a NetCourseNow allows you to set your own pace. How long the course takes and how much time you spend per week is up to you.

  4. Is there homework?
    We do not assign homework, but the lessons do include exercises. We suggest that you puzzle over them and ask questions if the solution does not occur to you.

  5. How do I enroll?
    Enroll online.





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