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The German Stata Users Group Meeting takes place on 22 June 2018 at the Universität Konstanz. There will also be an optional workshop on 21 June.

The meeting will provide Stata users from across Germany and the world the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, and information on new applications of the software. Everybody who is interested in using Stata is welcome.

The conference language will be English because of the international nature of the meeting and the participation of non-German guest speakers.

Call for presentations

Does your research rely on Stata? Do you have insights that would enlighten colleagues in your field? Prepare your abstract for the 2018 German Stata Users Group meeting.

Presentation guidelines

Presentation topics include but are not limited to

  • discussions of community-contributed Stata commands;
  • case studies of research or teaching using Stata;
  • discussions of data management problems;
  • reviews of analytic issues; and
  • surveys or critiques of Stata facilities in specific fields.

For examples of past presentations, view the proceedings page.

Submitting your presentation

Please email an abstract to one of the members of the scientific committee. The abstract should be no more than 200 words and the presentation should be 20 minutes or shorter.

The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2018.

The final program will be posted in April 2018.


by Yulia Marchenko, Executive Director of Statistics, StataCorp


This workshop covers the use of Stata to perform Bayesian analysis. Bayesian analysis is a statistical paradigm that answers research questions about unknown parameters using probability statements. For example, what is the probability that a person accused of a crime is guilty? What is the probability that the odds ratio is between 0.3 and 0.5? And many more. Such probabilistic statements are natural to Bayesian analysis because of the underlying assumption that all parameters are random quantities. In Bayesian analysis, a parameter is summarized by an entire distribution of values instead of one fixed value as in classical frequentist analysis. Estimating this distribution, a posterior distribution of a parameter of interest, is at the heart of Bayesian analysis. This workshop will demonstrate the use of Bayesian analysis in various applications and will introduce Stata's suite of commands for conducting Bayesian analysis.


Basic knowledge of Stata.


Participants are asked to travel at their own expense. The meeting fee covers costs for refreshments and lunch.

Meeting fees (all prices are incl. VAT) Price
Meeting only: Professionals 45€
Meeting only: Students 35€
Workshop only 65€
Workshop + meeting 85€

There will also be an optional informal meal at a restaurant in Konstanz on Friday evening at an additional cost.

You can register online or by email, mail, or phone.

Kristina Seibel
Dittrich & Partner Consulting GmbH
Prinzenstrasse 2
42697 Solingen

Tel: +49-212-2606664
Email: kristina.seibel@dpc.de

Visit the official meeting page for more information.


Scientific committee

Maarten Buis
Universität Konstanz

Johannes Giesecke
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Thomas Hinz
Universität Konstanz

Ulrich Kohler
Universität Potsdam

Logistics organizer

The logistics organizer for the 2018 German Stata Users Group meeting is Dittrich & Partner Consulting GmbH, the distributor of Stata in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

For more information on the 2018 Stata Users Group meeting, visit the official meeting page.

View the proceedings of previous Stata Users Group meetings.





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