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First Dutch user meeting announced

The Dutch Users Group meeting will be held at:

Utrecht University
Department of Social Sciences
Centrum Gebouw Zuid, room H018
Heidelberglaan 1
3584 CS Utrecht
The Netherlands
17 May 2000
Academie Gebouw
Academie Gebouw

Date, location, and enrollment

The first meeting of the Dutch Users Group will be held on May 17, 10.15 – 17.15, at the University of Utrecht. It will be held in room H018, Centrum Gebouw Zuid, of the Department of Social Sciences.

You can get there by bus using line 11 or 12 from station to "De Uithof", bus stop Centrum Gebouw Zuid. This is the three-story building in red bricks. Room H018 is at the rear of the building on the ground floor.

If traveling by car, you can park in the parking garage next to Academic Hospital (AZU); just follow the signs. Centrum Gebouw Zuid is a two minute walk and maps are everywhere.

Beware: the picture of the "Academy gebouw" at the top of this page was included out of competition with the Spanish and Britsh, who convene at very attractive historic sites. We do not convene in the building pictured, but in an ugly building from the 70s.

All are welcome to attend. This meeting will be held in English so that we can extend invitation to Stata users from Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia, and everyplace else. Participation is welcomed by anybody interested in the use of Stata, at whatever level.

Participation at this meeting is free of charge. While coffee and tea will be provided, you will have to pay for your own lunch at the university restaurant (ca. Dfl 5) and, if applicable, your dinner.

Enrollment is being handled by Smit Consult.

and filling in the form, emailing info@smitconsult.nl or by contacting them directly:

Smit Consult
Doormanstraat 19
5151 GM Drunen

+44 (31) 416-378 125 (voice)
+44 (31) 416-378 385 (fax)

For additional information, you can contact

Jan Smit, info@smitconsult.nl, or
Jeroen Weesie, j.weesie@fs.uu.nl, tel. 030 - 2 53 1922

Event organisers

The academic content is being organised by Jeroen Weesie, Utrecht University (j.weesie@fss.uu.nl) and Alexander Volovics, University of Maastricht, (awol@xs4all.nl).


The meetings will include a mixture of paper sessions and open discussions.

During the breaks and the optional dinner after the meeting, there will be ample opportunity for exchange of ideas and experiences.

Call for papers and preliminary program

There are still slots open, especially for shorter presentations of around 10 minutes in length. Please send offers of papers to Jeroen Weesie (j.weesie@fss.uu.nl). Papers may cover new user-written Stata programs; substantial analyses using Stata; surveys of Stata facilities for areas of statistics, graphics and data management; critiques of Stata; suggestions for improving or extending Stata.

Preliminary Program as of February 23

10:15–10:45 Coffee/Tea
10:45–10:55 Welcome and Introduction: the Netherlands Stata User's Group
Alexander Volovics
Maastricht University
10:55–11:10 Stata in the Netherlands
Jan Smit
Smit Consult, Dutch distributor Stata
11:10–11:35 Use of Stata at a datacenter for clinical trails: planning, data-management, and data-analysis
Wim van Putten
Dept of Statistics, Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center, Rotterdam
11:35–12:10 Introduction to Stata Programming
William Gould
president of StataCorp
12:10–12:35 Earning and labor turnover in a dying firm. Data preparation and econometric analysis using Stata.
Prof. Dr. Gerard (G.A.) Pfann
Maastricht University
12:35–13:25 Lunch in university cafeteria (at own expense)
13:25–13:50 Testing cross model hypotheses
Jeroen Weesie
Dept of Sociology, Utrecht University
13:50–14:25 Design matrices in Stata
John Hendrikx
Nijmegen University
14:25–14:55 Plotting and fitting univariate distributions with long or heavy tails
Nick Cox   (Nick will also spend a full 5 minutes elaborating on his experiences with the 6 UK and Spanish user meetings that took place previously.)
Durham University, UK
14:55–15:15 Title to be announced
dr. Maarten Sprengers
Intechnium NV, Woerden
15:15–15:45 Tea and Coffee
15:45–17:15 Report to users
William Gould
president of StataCorp
17:15 End of formal sessions
Informal session with drinks. Possibility for a joint dinner in a restaurant in Utrecht (own expense; vegetarian options available)

See http://www.stata.com/meeting/proceedings.html for the proceedings of other user-group meetings.

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