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You can use Unicode characters in graphs. You can include multiple fonts in regular, bold, and italics; the full Greek alphabet in upper- and lowercase; and over 70 mathematical symbols anywhere that text appears in graphs. You can also display superscripts and subscripts.

Graphs accept an extended version of Stata’s text markup language, SMCL. Greek letters and mathematical symbols have intuitive, easy-to-remember names (tags). To make the title of the x axis of your graph say “β-carotene”, you just specify xtitle(“{&beta}-carotene”). To include χ2 in your text, specify {&chi} {superscript:2} or, even shorter, {&chi}{sup:2}. Additional tags make it easy to select from among sans serif, serif, monospace, and symbol fonts. Everything is automatic, but you can set up the fonts to be used.

Here are a few other examples. Click on them to enlarge them.

Of course, these features are also available via the dialog boxes and through the interactive Graph Editor.