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Bayesian estimation of binreg bayes: binreg
Bayesian estimation of biprobit bayes: biprobit
Bayesian estimation of clogit bayes: clogit
Bayesian estimation of cloglog bayes: cloglog
Bayesian estimation of heckoprobit bayes: heckoprobit
Bayesian estimation of heckprobit bayes: heckprobit
Bayesian estimation of hetoprobit bayes: hetoprobit
Bayesian estimation of hetprobit bayes: hetprobit
Bayesian estimation of logistic bayes: logistic
Bayesian estimation of logit bayes: logit
Bayesian estimation of mecloglog bayes: mecloglog
Bayesian estimation of melogit bayes: melogit
Bayesian estimation of meologit bayes: meologit
Bayesian estimation of meoprobit bayes: meoprobit
Bayesian estimation of meprobit bayes: meprobit
Bayesian estimation of mlogit bayes: mlogit
Bayesian estimation of mprobit bayes: mprobit
Bayesian estimation of ologit bayes: ologit
Bayesian estimation of oprobit bayes: oprobit
Bayesian estimation of probit bayes: probit
Bayesian estimation of zioprobit bayes: zioprobit
GLM models for the binomial family binreg
Bivariate probit regression biprobit
Conditional (fixed-effects) logistic regression clogit
Complementary log-log regression cloglog
Conditional logit (McFadden's) choice model cmclogit
Mixed logit choice model cmmixlogit
Multinomial probit choice model cmmprobit
Rank-ordered logit choice model cmrologit
Rank-ordered probit choice model cmroprobit
Panel-data mixed logit choice model cmxtmixlogit
Extended ordered probit regression eoprobit
Extended probit regression eprobit
Exact logistic regression exlogistic
Finite mixtures of cloglog fmm: cloglog
Finite mixtures of logit fmm: logit
Finite mixtures of mlogit fmm: mlogit
Finite mixtures of ologit fmm: ologit
Finite mixtures of oprobit fmm: oprobit
Finite mixtures of probit fmm: probit
Generalized linear models glm
Probit model with selection heckprobit
Ordered probit model with sample selection heckoprobit
Heteroskedastic ordered probit regression hetoprobit
Heteroskedastic probit model hetprobit
Probit model with endogenous regressors ivprobit
Logistic regression, reporting odds ratios logistic
Logistic regression, reporting coefficients logit
Multilevel mixed-effects complementary log-log regression mecloglog
Multilevel mixed-effects generalized linear model meglm
Multilevel mixed-effects logistic regression melogit
Ordered multilevel mixed-effects logistic regression meologit
Multilevel mixed-effects ordered probit regression meoprobit
Multilevel mixed-effects probit regression meprobit
Multinomial (polytomous) logistic regression mlogit
Multinomial probit regression mprobit
Nested logit regression nlogit
Ordered logistic regression ologit
Ordered probit regression oprobit
Probit regression probit
Skewed-logistic regression scobit
Stereotype logistic regression slogit
Survey version of heckprobit svy: heckprobit
Survey version of heckoprobit svy: heckoprobit
Survey version of ivprobit svy: ivprobit
Survey version of logistic svy: logistic
Survey version of logit svy: logit
Survey version of mecloglog svy: mecloglog
Survey version of melogit svy: melogit
Survey version of meologit svy: meologit
Survey version of meoprobit svy: meoprobit
Survey version of meprobit svy: meprobit
Survey version of mlogit svy: mlogit
Survey version of ologit svy: ologit
Survey version of oprobit svy: oprobit
Survey version of probit svy: probit
Survey version of scobit svy: scobit
Survey version of zioprobit svy: zioprobit
Random-effects and population-averaged cloglog models xtcloglog
Random-effects ordered probit models with endogenous covariates, treatment, and sample selection xteoprobit
Random-effects probit models with endogenous covariates, treatment, and sample selection xteprobit
GEE population-averaged generalized linear models xtgee
Fixed-effects, random-effects, and population-averaged logit models xtlogit
Random-effects ordered logistic regression xtologit
Random-effects ordered probit regression xtoprobit
Random-effects and population-averaged probit models xtprobit
Zero-inflated ordered probit regression zioprobit