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Stata produces professional quality graphs, ready for publication (click on any graph for a larger image):

g_fig1_stcolor.svg markerlabel3 scatterlog scatterwgt line1
line4 tworarea twobar twobar4 twospike
contour plot twodropline hist1 hist2 tworspike
tworcap twoarea twofunc twofunc2 texttop1
matrix1 matrix2 matrix3 matrix4 combine3
combine2 combine4 combine5 plotop3 grbar1
grbar1lab grbar2 grbar3 grbar5b grbar7
grbartall grblab1 grdottall grdottall2 grdotby
grbox1 grbox2 grboxby ww

You can produce graphs using Stata’s new GUI, or you can produce them using Stata's command language.

The look of graphs is determined by their scheme. The graphs shown above use Stata's default scheme. Schemes can greatly influence the look of a graph. For instance, we might start with this

and just by changing the scheme, produce this

The graph above was produced using the economist scheme, which has with a look similar to that used by The Economist magazine.

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