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Cool ado-files

An archive of user contributed Stata commands is maintained by Christopher Baum (baum@bc.edu) at the Boston College Statistical Software Components Archive. Most of these commands appeared on Statalist in response to questions or as independent contributions. They are written by Stata users (including StataCorp staff) and have either not appeared in the Stata Journal or STB or are updates of commands that have appeared in the Stata Journal or STB.

Contributed Commands — Statalist ado-file Archives

When searching for Stata programs using the IDEAS search engine, we recommend including the terms "+Stata +module" to help limit the search to Stata programs and commands. For example, to locate Nicholas Cox's command for graphing horizontal bar charts we could search on "+Stata +module +bar"

If you are unfamiliar with installing new Stata commands, you can take a look at

How to load and install user contributed commands (ado-files)

In addition to the Statalist archive, some commands contributed by Stata staff members and Stata users can be downloaded below.
Practical Statistics for Medical Research menus (Stata 6)
Authors: Patrick Royston & Tony Brady, Imperial College of Science,
Technology & Medicine
Date: 20 December 1999
Files intended for "Practical Statistics for Medical Research", a course offered for clinical and biomedical researchers and others in allied fields by the Wolfson Conference Centre at the Imperial College School of Medicine, London, UK.

Note:Click here for special installation instructions.

Download as ZIP (84k)
Detecting and modeling non-proportional hazards in Cox regression
Authors: Patrick Royston, Royal Postgraduate Medical School
Peter Sasieni, Imperial Cancer Research Fund
Date: 15 May 1998
The commands stbtcalc, stbtplot, stgtcalc, and stgtplot detect and model non-proportional hazards in Cox regression.

Download as ZIP (10k)   or   Download as text (28k)
Marginal effects for logit, probit, and mlogit
Author: Bill Sribney, StataCorp
Date: 20 December 1995
The commands dlogit2, dprobit2, and dmlogit2 compute marginal effects for, respectively, logistic regression, probit regression, and multinomial logistic regression.

Download as ZIP (7k)   or   Download as text (22k)
Three-stage least squares and SURE estimator for systems of equations
Author: Vince Wiggins, StataCorp
Date: 24 October 1997
The command reg3, estimates systems of equations by three-stage least squares or seemingly unrelated regression (SURE) and allows linear constraints to be applied to the system.

Download as ZIP (14k)   or   Download as text (44k)
Bivariate probit
Author: James Hardin, StataCorp
Date: 27 August 1997
The commands biprob and suprob estimate bivariate and seemingly unrelated probit models respectively on bivariate binary outcomes.

Download as ZIP (8k)   or   Download as text (27k)

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