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Join us from anywhere! Short and convenient for busy schedules, webinars are a great way to learn about Stata from our experts. Even better, they are free. Check out our current offerings in English or Spanish.

Current offerings

Title Date Time
Ready. Set. Go Stata. 6 December 2022 3:00 p.m. CT
Introduction to causal inference and treatment effects 7 December 2022 11:00 a.m. CT
Tips and tricks 13 December 2022 10:00 a.m. CT
Ready. Set. Go Stata. 15 December 2022 9:00 a.m. CT
Tips and tricks 12 January 2023 11:00 a.m. CT
Looping: Essential tools for repetitive tasks 18 January 2023 11:00 a.m. CT

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