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Stata 18 is here! Have you upgraded?

Stata 18 is here, and we can't wait for you to try out all the new features it has to offer.

Would you like to create graphs using a bright new color scheme? Do you want to easily create a table of descriptive statistics, a Table 1, for your paper? Would you like to work with multiple datasets in memory more effectively? Stata 18 includes many new tools to improve your workflow when performing data management, creating graphics, and reporting results.

Of course, we have also added powerful new statistical features. If your research involves causal inference, meta-analysis, time series, survival analysis, robust inference, or clinical trials, Stata 18 offers new tools to make your research easier. We've added Bayesian model averaging, heterogeneous DID, causal mediation, group sequential design, wild cluster bootstrap, multilevel meta-analysis, local projections for IRFs, lasso for Cox model, flexible demand systems, and many more statistical features.

We are not the only ones excited about Stata 18. Here is what the Stata community is saying:

"If you thought #Stata 17 was amazing, wait till you dive inside Stata 18 - mind blown 🤯"
Moeti Damane

So @Stata v18 just dropped and there are so many exciting new features! First, the color engine has been improved considerably. E.g. one can now vary colors by a variable. This is really exciting and a positive development and a huge quality of life improvement."
Asjad Naqvi

"So looking forward to work on the new Stata version 🤩 It seems that will solve some of our daily research issues: heterogeneous treatments... #Stata #Stata18 #Econometrics #Research #Economics"
Guillermo Cabanillas-Jiménez

"The fact that #Stata18 can save sets of linked data frames (using the new .dtas format) is also a nice touch which will massively speed up big workflows"
Jan Kabátek

See the new features in action and upgrade today.

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