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You asked. We listened!

After its release in Stata 16, the meta suite has gone through multiple updates based on users' feedback. For example, we added multivariate meta-analysis, Galbraith plots, and leave-one-out meta-analysis in Stata 17. Below, we highlight new features available through a free update for Stata 17 users.

  • meta forestplot and meta summarize can now construct prediction intervals for subgroup overall effect sizes in subgroup analysis by combining options predinterval and subgroup().
  • In forest plots, the default text displayed under the _id column for the heterogeneity statistics, the homogeneity test, and the significance test of the overall effect size can now be modified via options ohetstatstext(), ohomtesttext(), and osigtesttext(), respectively.
  • Similarly, in subgroup forest plots, the default text under the _id column can now be modified via options ghetstats#text(), gwhomtest#text(), gsigtest#text(), and gbhomtest#text().
  • The within-group significance tests for the group-specific overall effect sizes are now displayed by default on subgroup forest plots. These tests may be suppressed using option nogsigtests.

Don't have Stata 17 yet? Upgrade today and start using all the new features.

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